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SCI 2021 Artist of the year
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"This majestic elephant cruising the savanna, is really inspired by my childhood. In the nineteen sixties and seventies, I have incredible heart thumping memories, of the trips my parents took us three boys on, around South Africa. Mostly in the awesome wilderness of the world renowned Kruger National Park. In those days as you can imagine, these gentle giants were plentiful, and so were the Big TUSKER males roaming around. When you are six years old, it's even more jaw dropping, seeing the scale of these magnificent beasts.

Elephants are the symbolic icon of Africa. On my trip to Tanzania recently, it brought back many memories of those childhood days. My wife Effie and I got to sit in our private 4x4, whilst a large party heard of elephants surrounded us and cruised by, allowing me to take some incredible images. My wife being in Africa for the first time, was awe struck by the shear grace and spectacle of these oversized creates surrounding her. It was a sure pleasure watching her experience.

This subject was chosen, because of my deep connection and support for all African animals in general, but because of the yearly losses these wonderful creatures are taking, from poaching. Elephants as we all know, must be protected, and the lands we encroach upon. It is their land, and we just live in it, and visit it. Due to this, I am very much involved with support to the White Oak Conservation Reserve in Jacksonville, FL. I do this by donation proceeds from the sale of my work to the park. This is a very small part to supporting their Rhino, cheetah and Okapi conservation efforts, and very proud to do any small part to support these important and vital causes.

My connection to SCI is very much related, in the fact that funds can go to support environments in which all species need to thrive and be managed, for years to come. Clint Eagar"